The digital era continues to evolve. Recent advancements have created capabilities to handle more and more complex information driven environments. To date, information automation has focused on environments where data accuracy is critical and, therefore, controlled through increasingly disciplined data governance. Sales, expenses, cash flow, and other items critical to the company’s financials have been captured by Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. These systems have acted as the firm’s historian to ensure that investor interests and other legally required reports are accurately captured.
As these critical information processes are fully enabled, the digital distributor is moving their focus to customer engagement, value added services, and other sources of competitive advantage. The view is shifting forward (market driven) instead of backward (historical) and digital processes are becoming tools for business development.


  • Digital Framework
  • Custom Assessment to Pinpoint Strengths and Weaknesses of Current Practices
  • Education and Know-How to Ensure Successful Digitization
  • Digitized and Efficient Salesforce



Who Should Attend?

Sales Managers

Sales Executives

IT Managers


Company Assessment

Industry Best Practices

Digital Roadmap

Required Materials

Laptop with Excel 2007 or later, key customer metrics you track at your firm, customer data from your firm, calculator