Course Program Layout

Course Outline

Financial Management

Understanding the connection between operations and finance is key to implementing any best practice or process improvement. Learn about critical metrics (key performance indicators) that you must track routinely. Linking improvement ideas to financial statements is vital for success.

Customer Service

Customer retention and loyalty is vital, yet difficult to sustain. This section will provide a framework to help retain your customers for life. Best-in-class companies spend significant time in providing “The Customer Experience”. Learn what needs to be done for becoming the customer service leader in your industry.

Lean Fundamentals

Distributors have large operational inefficiencies at their businesses. Historically, they have compensated by generating higher margins. As margins continue to decline, one can no longer afford to be inefficient – every CENT matters. Learn how to apply lean fundamentals to reduce your “cost to operate” immediately

A Solution-based Sales Process

If you and your competition are selling the same product and service, why should customers do business with you? Sales is not an art or a mystery – it is an objective process. Learn how to develop and perfect your sales process. Create, develop and deliver your unique value proposition to your customers, suppliers and employees.

Inventory Management

The moment you take eyes off inventory – your service levels will suffer along with your working profit. You obviously cannot focus on each and every item that you stock. Inventory stratification will provide that focus and answer questions such as – What items should be stocked? How much to stock? When and how much to order? Learn these concepts through our interactive exercises – “Beer Game” and “Forecasting Game”.

Leadership and Team Development

This section will highlight components of effective leadership, tools to assess your team, put the right players in the right positions, and ways to coach and empower them.

Providing Direction for Sales Management

The best way to guide your sales force is to perform customer stratification (segmentation), connect sales plan to the business plan, conduct account gap analyses, and capitalize on generational differences.

Effective Communication and Implementation

Learn how to develop an effective communication process, resolve conflicts, understand time management, and develop an action plan.